Thursday, February 21, 2008

Week 4 - Men are like waffles and Women are like spaghetti?

If you were there last night the title of this post would make sence, if not let me give you a basic idea of what that means.

Men are like waffles because we compartmentalize everything. If you look at all the spaces on the waffle this is like the compartments a man a man utilizes. He has one for his hobbies, family, work, kids, and the ever popular blank compartment. A man can get into an argument with another guy and 5 minutes later they can go out to lunch and act like nothing happened.

Women are like spaghetti because everything in their life is intertwined with
everything else. Their marriage, family, the kids, finances, shopping, social gatherings, etc.. these are all tangled together just like a big bowl of spaghetti. For ladies it is important to them to talk things through.

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