Tuesday, March 25, 2008

AfTeRnOOn In ThE pArK - AnSwErEd PrAyEr

Happy Tuesday to everyone. This past Sunday we celebrated Easter with an AWESOME service and a WONDERFUL afternoon in the park. We got to see just how GREAT GOD is by how the weather turned out. Teya and I watched the weather all week and kept seeing the temperature change from 40 something to 50 something up and down and then the chances of rain kept going up and down, it was very much a rollercoaster to watch. We stood in agreement that the weather would be great and that there would be no rain. On top of the weather the park had been closed all week due to storm damage removal. I had people asking me if I had a plan B incase the weather or park would not be available. Needless to say plan B was to cancel. All I can say is THANK GOD for PLAN A. There was no rain, lots of sunshine and a nice cool breeze. We sat in the SUN and basked in the vitam D, played football and ate lots of sweet treats and good food. Let's just say Fruit Pie cookies are EVIL "Thanks Tracy" Just kidding they are way to good.

Teya and I would like to THANK EVERYONE that came out and enjoyed the day with us.

Friday, March 7, 2008

"in sickness & IN HEALTH!"

I hope March is off to a better start than it was for our family. It started the last week in February with me (Rich) getting strep throat and then a week later Teya getting the flu. Of course it would just not be the same had the flu germ not shared itself with me, so I came down with a case of the flu two days after Teya did now both of us are out of commission leaving our beautiful daughter who is 8 to take care of her parents. All I can say is she did a great job and THANK GOD for Teya's mom who came over to help us out. Teya and I are on the mend now and feel MUCH better. Now wouldn't you know it Belle ended up going through it this week. She is all better now though.

While I was going through all of this the vow of "In sickness & in health" came to my mind. What does this vow mean to you? Well it is a pledge we make to one another when we get married but I think so many times we forget the importantce of what it means. I know from a personal stand point Teya and I got to really put that into practice and to be honest with you I saw just how blessed I truley am to have a wonderful wife such as Teya, who even though she wasn't feeling well didn't hesitate to take care of me and Belle when it was needed.
Well stay healthy and remember God's covenant "by His stripes YOU WERE HEALED!"