Monday, May 19, 2008

What a DAY and What a TURN out

Teya and I would like to THANK EVERYONE for coming out on Saturday for the "End of School Year Picnic". We would especially like to thank Josh and Tracy, Chris and Stephanie, Tori and Roy and Lisa who helped with everything from setup to cooking to break down. You all did a FANTASTIC job, and it is very much APPRECIATED! We would also like to extend our THANKS and APPRECIATION to Miss Abbagail J. Gogh for coming out and painting all of our children’s faces. She was busy from start to finish and the kids absolutely loved her. We had an AWESOME time hanging out with everyone and getting to know as many of you as possible. There was never a dull moment during the event. We did everything from a Watermelon Eating Contest to kickball to blind folding all the MOM's and having them try and find their own kids… talk about funny stuff. We even tried to confuse everyone by playing a shoe pile scramble and seeing which family could find their shoes the fastest and put them on before crossing the finish line. Then we threw all the families for a loop by playing a game called "Tunnel Gopher" which is the opposite of leap frog so instead of having to go over one another they had to go under and through some legs. The parents struggled with this a little since kids obviously have the advantage in the height department. I have never seen so many smiling and laughing faces in one spot. The sack race was very popular- we all had fun hopping uphill to the finish line. We closed down the show with a good old fashioned TUG-OF-WAR. To make this exciting we had all the mom's and their children take on the dads and guess what???? The dads won! It was such a wonderful time and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. The weather was perfect for the outdoor event... I even got a little color. So once again THANK YOU to EVERYONE for making this day such a success.

God Bless!


Michelle Higinbotham said...

Hey Teya and Rich!

Thanks so much for putting this event together! I only wish we could have made it for the entire picnic...I guess better late than never they say ;) We appreciate all your hard work and look forward to the next get together! Have a great week!

The Ditto's said...

We had a great time. Very well organized and thought out.