Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How do children spell love?

I was reading an article this morning that talked about how children spell love; I found it rather interesting so I thought I would share it.

Someone once said, "Children spell love --- T-I-M-E" and this is so true. Your children want your love, time and attention. Some of us may have thought that our kids spell love, "M-O-N-E-Y" because of the way they're always asking for it. But that is not what matters most to them. What they really want is MOM and DAD!!! We as parents need to make sure that's what they get… not the T.V, money or time shopping at the mall… just us!

I can tell you from personal experience, above anything else our daughter desires to just simply spend time with me and Teya. There is nothing more satisfying then seeing the look on Belle’s face when we all spend time together doing what she wants to do… no matter if we feel like it or not. In her little eyes, that is the best kind of quality family time and in the end we always have as much fun as she does.

As I was reading this I was thinking what a great opportunity the “Out of School BBQ/Picnic” will be to spend quality time with my family. We can’t wait… it’s going to be great fun.

So, you too make plans to attend and get ready to create some wonderful memories together as a family.

Remember, the event will take place on Saturday, May 17th at the Grace Church Pavilion. We’ll cook the hotdogs and burgers… you bring side dishes, drinks, lawn chairs and anything else you picnic with.

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smiling's my favorite said...

I'm so ready to spend time outdoors with friends and family. It's a beautiful time of year. I know Belle wants a chance to redeem herself in the Potato Sack Race as well... so, WATCH OUT ALEX!!!